DutchLT is a small, goal-oriented company in Amsterdam, offering language courses NT2 (Dutch as a foreign language) and NT1 (Dutch for native speakers). Because we are small and flexible (low overhead costs), our prices are very reasonable.
The courses are given by Jolien E. Manassen, M.A., who studied Dutch Language and Literature in Utrecht. Over the years she has developed her own modern and highly acclaimed methods of teaching Dutch to Dutch and non-native speakers. She has 20 years' experience in teaching Dutch to students of many nationalities - in business or non-profit organizations.
Since 2009 she has offered courses in DutchLT: one-to-one private lessons or in small groups.
The NT2 courses are aimed at expats wanting to learn Dutch for whatever reason: professional or private. In-company training is possible.
The NT1 courses are for native speakers, who want to improve their spelling and writing skills.

Jolien Manassen's method of teaching can be characterized as 'playing it by ear'. Her vast experience as a language trainer enables her to accurately assess the level of competence of her students. She offers - in combination with the students' wishes and targets - the apposite learning tools within their pace.
The lessons are given in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. She knows how to put her students at ease and make them feel confident, so that they can fully focus on learning the language.
The material she works with is to the point, up-to-date and challenging.
By 'offering' just a bit more all the time, she keeps her students enthusiastic and motivated.