A ready-made formula for learning a language does not exist. Language is communication and every human being learns and communicates in his own way. A student's ability to learn Dutch is influenced by the following factors: level of education, native language, knowledge of other languages, his or her 'knack'of languages, motivation.

Each student has his or her own wishes and targets. They can be general, like improving their vocabulary, use of idiom or grammar. Or they can be more specific, like:

- chatting with other parents in the children's playground;
- reading Dutch newspapers and magazines;
- understanding Dutch chat shows on tv;
- chatting over coffee with colleagues
- writing correct emails;
- text writing;
- giving presentations at work;
- participating in meetings;
- preparing for the NT2 state exam.

The clients' specific needs are carefully assessed before starting a course, in order to ensure that the lessons are geared to the clients' personal or professional requirements.

DutchLT uses three levels:
Beginners, intermediate, advanced.
DutchLT offers individual courses or courses in small groups.